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Zambia Seeks to Increase Power Imports from Mozambique

Zambias’s government is engaged in negotiations with Mozambique for an additional import of 120- Mega Watts of power.

Energy Minister PETER KAPALA says ZESCO plans to gradually withdraw 120- Mega Watts of power from the export market taking into consideration the current bilateral contracts.

KAPALA said this in Parliament when he delivered a Ministerial Statement on the electricity situation in Zambia.

KAPALA further said ZESCO and Ndola Energy Company Limited are undertaking negotiations with a view to restarting the 1- hundred and five Mega Watt power plant.

He says the negotiations are expected to be completed by April 2024 after which ZESCO will purchase 1- hundred and five Mega Watts from May to December 2024.

KAPALA said the load management programme will endeavour to exempt strategic institutions, where dedicated lines exist.




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