World Bank disburses five million dollars for dam construction in Nampula

The World Bank has disbursed 5 million dollars for a viability study for the future Meluli dam in the northern Mozambican province of Nampula.

The funding, according to Monday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Notícias”, is part of the Government’s programme named “Climate Resilience, Regional Projects”, for the definitive solution of the water supply problem in several cities, especially Nampula.

“The construction of the reservoir is seen as the definitive solution to the problem of water supply to Nampula City. If it is built, the infrastructure will be surrounded by two rivers, an unequivocal proof that after its construction there will be no more shortage of drinking water”, according to Carlitos Omar, a representative of the Nampula provincial government.

“A World Bank team is due to arrive in Nampula in the next few days to get to know the place where the dam will be built”, he said.

Omar also said that the Nampula river basins have water at a considerable level as a result of the rain that has been falling in recent days.


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