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Under the MoU between SEJE and TotalEnergies IFPELAC places 118 youths on the job market in Cabo Delgado

Under the memorandum of understanding signed last February between the Secretary of State for Youth and Employment (SEJE), through the Alberto Cassimo Institute for Professional Training and Labor Studies (Instituto de Formação Profissional e Estudos Laborais Alberto Cassimo – IFPELAC), and TotalEnergies EP Mozambique Area 1, Limitada, as operator of the Mozambique LNG project, were graduated on Friday (July 29), at the Pemba Vocational Training Center, the first 118 young people out of a total of 2,500 to be trained in five years, in Cabo Delgado.

These 118 young people are part of a group of 120 young people who started training last March. Of the 118 graduates, 20 are now electricians, 20 carpenters, 20 bricklayers, 19 plumbers, 20 painters and 19 welders.

Of the 118 young graduates, 48 are displaced from Palma, 47 from Mocímboa da Praia, and 23 from the City of Pemba, from host families who received displaced persons. In this first group of 118 young people, it was possible to ensure gender equity.

The Director General of IFPELAC, Leo Elias Jamal, delivered a special message to the young people: ” It is known that Cabo Delgado province is being ravaged by terrorist attacks, but the Government of Mozambique, through SEJE, is committed to preparing the young people and enabling them with knowledge and skills that allow them to be increasingly active and proactive actors in the country’s development process. To mark the completion of various specialty courses taught at the Vocational Training Centre, with the support from TotalEnergies, we have offered to this group of graduates 4 kits containing various tools for the creation of an equal number of micro enterprises, which is an opportunity to catapult the young people into selfemployment with a view to improving their living conditions and creating conditions for them to employ other young people. I call upon all youths in the country, especially those in this province, to not join criminal groups who sow grief and terror, destruction of infrastructure and goods, thereby delaying the development of the province and the country. The job market is increasingly demanding, and we call upon the youths to obtain better vocational qualifications with a view to facing the selection requirements put in place by companies, and the vocational training courses offered by IFPELAC constitute a great alternative for the purposes of Vocational Training of quality, as these are aligned with the requirements of the job market”.

In turn, Leonardo Nhavoto, Local Content Manager at TotalEnergies, said: “Although our Mozambique LNG project is in force majeure and, therefore, with operations suspended, we keep investing in local content actions. We are happy to see these first 118 young people graduate. It is an encouraging result in the materialization of our Local Content Plan, which aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Mozambique, in general, and Cabo Delgado, in particular. These trainings are part of our CapacitaMoz program which aims,

among others, to contribute to the training and inclusion of young Mozambicans in the job market. We want to continue to contribute to the training young people not only for the Mozambique LNG project, but also for other projects and areas, equally important for the
development of the country, in general, and Cabo Delgado, in particular.

Zaina Óscar, trained in plumbing, said “I would like to show what I’ve learned, and I would also like more young people to benefit from these opportunities given by TotalEnergies and IFPELAC. With the support of TotalEnergies, my colleagues and I will constitute a multi-service
company (“Tsothene Services”). We will have plumbers, bricklayers, painters, and electricians in the company”.

Belinho Mutove, trained in carpentry, said: “This course was very useful, and I have the ambition to teach other young people what I’ve learned. Another ambition I have is to have my own carpentry shop. With the support of TotalEnergies, five other colleagues from other
courses and I are going to open a company for the manufacture of furniture (“Rovuma Mobiliários”) that involves the specialties of carpentry, painting and welding.”

It should be noted that all young people who have just graduated received a toolbox to guarantee a basis for self-employment. Additionally, the best students will benefit from training for the design and implementation of business projects, as well as financial support, monitoring, and equipment for their sustainable start. 


It is a public institution that provides Vocational Training and Labor Studies, established in 2016, and supervised by the Secretary of State for Youth and Employment.

IFPELAC develops its activities throughout the national territory, through 11 Provincial Delegations, 25 Vocational Training Centers and 28 Mobile Professional Training Units. It has a total training capacity of 25,000 trainees per year.

This year, IFPELAC introduced in a pilot phase, in Tete, “Work-Linked Training”, a regime that will allow training in a hybrid model (training activities at IFPELAC and in the Productive Sector). 




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