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Tschudi Mozambique grows – new office in Pemba

The Mozambique adventure began with the opening of our office in Maputo in 2019. Since then, the market has been exceptionally instable with severe impacts posed by firstly, the pandemic and secondly, by the violent disturbances in the northern part of the country. However, the pandemic is now coming to an ease – and increased military presence in the north has stabilized the situation in Cabo Delgado. The office in Maputo has joggled many challenges during the first couple of years, nevertheless, the team has succeeded in building a stable business against all odds. New times are now arising, and this forms the basis for growing Tschudi Mozambique by adding a new office in Pemba.

Difficult times seems to finally be waning. This has directly affected the large oil and gas projects in northern Mozambique and many of the big players have decided to pick up business after staying dormant for a couple of years. As a result of the budding business activities, Tschudi Mozambique is now officially announcing the opening of a new office in Pemba. The new office will get support from the Maputo-based team and the rest of Tschudi Logistics team during the start-up period.

A strategical location – the hub of the north!

Pemba plays a key role in the development of Area 1 and Area 4, as the city and port is the main hub for delivery of cargo for distribution across the northern part of Mozambique. A physical office will enable on-site services in Pemba on a larger scale than currently. Up until now, the team in Maputo has travelled to Pemba when requested by clients – a demand which can now easily be met.
Just like the existing Tschudi Mozambique team in Maputo, the new team in Pemba will offer a broad variety of services within the logistics segment covering both on- and offshore related tasks. The team is experienced in providing logistics for aid and relief, renewable energy projects, oil and gas, and much more.

New office, experienced personnel Fabio Spetrini is Head of the day-to-day running of the office and will be working closely with Thomas Vestergaard, Managing Director for Tschudi Mozambique. Fabio has been granted the official title as General Manager for the Pemba office. He will with his extensive knowhow from many years in the Logistics and Oil&Gas industries serve clients with reliable high-quality solutions.
“I am really looking forward to getting to work! Opening a new office is hard work indeed, but I am ambitious, and I strongly believe that our Tschudi Mozambique team has what it takes to build a rock-solid business up here.” States Fabio Spetrini, General Manager – Pemba, Tschudi Mozambique.
Fabio will be managing all activities from site in Pemba in tight collaboration with the office in Maputo. However, there is a short-term plan to grow the office with more personnel. Fabio has extensive experience as a qualified marine surveyor, further he is an educated auditor and have experience with deliver class, statutory, flag surveys and professional marine surveys such as onhire/offhire surveys, bunker surveys, conditions surveys, and damage surveys.

A part of our strategy to grow in south-east Africa For a while the Tschudi Group has had a wish to open a new office in the Northern part of Mozambique – an important piece in the strategy to grow in the south-east African market. A presence in Pemba will bring Tschudi closer to Area 1 and Area 4, and the timing is just right.

“The office in Pemba is a result of our experiences in Maputo so far – being present in the north is an absolute necessity as it enables us to act promptly whilst being on site. I believe that it is from here we can provide the best possible services related to the activities connected to Area 1 and Area 4. Says Managing Director, Tschudi Mozambique Thomas Vestergaard, who moved to Maputo with his family in connection to the south-east African adventure. He has now lived in Mozambique for 2,5 years.


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