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TotalEnergies is Already Working to Restart Afungi Project

The director general of the Mozambique LNG project, underway in Cabo Delgado province, Afungi, says his company is already assessing the possibility of resuming its activities.
Stephane Le-Galles, who was speaking yesterday in Maputo during the 7th Mozambique Gas and Energy Summit and Exhibition, said TotalEnergies is working closely with the Mozambican government, civil society, organisations and partners to overcome the current challenges.

“Despite having declared Force Majeure, there are ongoing efforts to decide to resume. We have to assume that it is difficult to operate in a troubled environment,” said the head of one of the largest gas exploration projects in Africa.

The source also said that, despite the suspension of its activities in Afungi, the oil company maintains its vision for development in Mozambique, based on ensuring the connection between resource exploration, development of local content and industrialisation of the country, looking at Mozambique’s huge energy potential.

It should be noted that TotalEnergies suspended projects last year after a terrorist attack on the village of Palma on 24 March, which left more than a dozen people dead, while many others fled the region to seek refuge in safer places.




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