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The CCIFM at 58th edition of FACIM 2023

Camara de Comercio e Industria França-Moçambique CCIFM is very pleased to attend the 58th edition of FACIM APIEX (Feira Internacional de Maputo).

FACIM remains Maputo’s longest standing and biggest multi-sector trade fair. This year, the theme is “Industrialization, Innovation and Diversification of the National Economy.”

What I find very impressive about FACIM is that E-VERY-ONE is there, from Mozambique’s state-owned champions to national private companies and international players, all type of sizes of businesses (Large, Mid, Micro, Start-ups), in a multitude of different business sectors: energy, banking, transport, logistics, agriculture, machinery, various consumer goods…

At this year’s FACIM, there are 2,500 exhibitors, of whom 2,050 are national and 450 foreign, from 25 countries.

We are present on the EuroCam Moz (European Chamber of Commerce in Mozambique) Pavilion alongside our European colleagues, so do come and visit us! 

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