Tenders of the Week 29-07-2020

1 - FIPAG - Request for Bids Rehabilitation and Construction of Distribution Centre and Network, Pemba

2 - TECHNIPFMC – Manisfestation of Interest Training Center Services

3 - FUNAE - Hiring of a Company to Supervise the Construction Works of Photovoltaic Plants

4 - FUNAE - Hiring of a Company for the Design, Executive Project Design and Construction of Photovoltaic Plants in Zambezia Province


Télécharger FIPAG-4.pdf  (PDF • 215 Ko) Télécharger TechnipFMC.pdf  (PDF • 181 Ko) Télécharger FUNAE-4.pdf  (PDF • 201 Ko) Télécharger FUNAE-2-1.pdf  (PDF • 222 Ko)

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