Appels d’offres & Opportunités d'affaires

Tenders of the Week 28-06-2024

OMR Assessment services

GMNK Stand for FACIM

UNICEF Assessment of media and information consumption

EDM PGA update and elaboration

INJ Catering and tent rental

FHI360 Health Insurance

ACM Vehicle acquisition

FUNAE Management of fuel filling stations

ICAP Supply of medical-surgical instruments

IAOM Cotton cultivation

FUNAE Various goods and services

ANE Construction and maintenance

FAR Institution vehicle accessories supply

SNV Consultancy for women leadership empowerment training

ITRANSMAR-CD Various services and goods

DPIC-CD Services for FACIM 59th edition


Télécharger FAR_Institution_vehicle_accessories_supply.pdf  (PDF • 246 Ko) Télécharger UNICEF_Assessment_of_media_and_information_consumption.pdf  (PDF • 307 Ko) Télécharger FUNAE_Various_goods_and_services.pdf  (PDF • 348 Ko) Télécharger SNV_Consultancy_for_women_leadership_empowerment_training.pdf  (PDF • 344 Ko) Télécharger ACM_Vehicle_acquisition.pdf  (PDF • 280 Ko) Télécharger FUNAE_Management_of_fuel_filling_stations.pdf  (PDF • 286 Ko) Télécharger IAOM_Cotton_cultivation.pdf  (PDF • 312 Ko) Télécharger GMNK_Stand_for_FACIM.pdf  (PDF • 473 Ko) Télécharger ICAP_Supply_of_medical-surgical_instruments.pdf  (PDF • 274 Ko) Télécharger INJ_Catering_and_tent_rental.pdf  (PDF • 271 Ko) Télécharger FHI360_Health_Insurance.pdf  (PDF • 285 Ko) Télécharger DPIC-CD_Services_for_FACIM_59th_edition.pdf  (PDF • 299 Ko) Télécharger ANE_Construction_and_maintenance.pdf  (PDF • 313 Ko) Télécharger OMR_Assessment_services.pdf  (PDF • 393 Ko) Télécharger ITRANSMAR-CD_Various_services_and_goods.pdf  (PDF • 362 Ko) Télécharger EDM_PGA_update_and_elaboration.pdf  (PDF • 349 Ko)


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