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Tenders of the week 28-03-2022

FNDS – Supply of laboratory equipment for leading rice research center

FNDS – Hiring a community development fund coordinator

SASOL – Hydraulic Workover Unit (“HWU”) suppliers…

INGD - Construction of 20 Multifunctional Solar-Powered Boreholes and Infrastructure in the Provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane

CMC – Supply of 200 street lighting lamps

AIAS – Supply of goods and services…

ANE – Consulting Services

HCB – Maintenance of equipment attached to special & light fire fighting vehicles

SNV – Launch of the energy services registration processing platform

MINEDH – Provision of copy services

EDM – Supervision of Construction Works in the South and Central Region of Mozambique

EDM – Supervision of Construction Works in the North Region of Mozambique


Télécharger FNDS_-_Supply_of_laboratory_equipment_for_leading_rice_research_center.pdf  (PDF • 644 Ko) Télécharger FNDS_-_Hiring_a_community_development_fund_coordinator.pdf  (PDF • 843 Ko) Télécharger SASOL_-_Hydraulic_Workover_Unit___HWU___suppliers....pdf  (PDF • 960 Ko) Télécharger INGD_-_Construction_of_20_Multifunctional_Solar-Powered_Boreholes_and_Infrastructure_in_the_Provinces_of_Maputo__Gaza_and_Inhambane.pdf  (PDF • 93 Ko) Télécharger CMC_-_Supply_of_200_street_lighting_lamps.pdf  (PDF • 782 Ko) Télécharger AIAS_-_Supply_of_goods_and_services....pdf  (PDF • 612 Ko) Télécharger ANE_-_Consulting_services.pdf  (PDF • 214 Ko) Télécharger HCB_-_Maintenance_of_equipment_attached_to_special___light_fire_fighting_vehicles.pdf  (PDF • 760 Ko) Télécharger SNV_-_Launch_of_the_energy_services_registration_processing_platform.pdf  (PDF • 677 Ko) Télécharger MINEDH_-_Provision_of_copy_services.pdf  (PDF • 345 Ko) Télécharger EDM_-_Supervision_of_Construction_Works_in_the_South_and_Central_Region_of_Mozambique.pdf  (PDF • 290 Ko) Télécharger EDM_-_Supervision_of_Construction_Works_the_North_Region_of_Mozambique.pdf  (PDF • 286 Ko)
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