Tenders of the Week 26-08-2020

Total – Provision of Construction / Refurbishment Services and Furniture Supply for Total’s Offices in Maputo

Bank of Mozambique – Provision of Technical Assistance and Maintenance Services for Microfilm and Archival Documents Digitization Equipment of the BM.

HCB – Consulting Services for Disposal of Hazardous Waste

HCB – Printing Services

FGH – Conception, Printing, Supply of Forms, Books and Several Materials

GIZ – Supply of IT Equipment

BVM – Acquisition of Securities Trading and Registration System

FNDS – Car Supply

FNDS – Consulting Services


Télécharger TOTAL.pdf  (PDF • 340 Ko) Télécharger BM-1.pdf  (PDF • 220 Ko) Télécharger HCB-1.pdf  (PDF • 235 Ko) Télécharger HCB-2.pdf  (PDF • 204 Ko) Télécharger FGH-7.pdf  (PDF • 224 Ko) Télécharger GIZ.pdf  (PDF • 250 Ko) Télécharger BVM-1.pdf  (PDF • 198 Ko) Télécharger FNDS-_Car_Supply.pdf  (PDF • 268 Ko) Télécharger FNDS-74_-_Consulting_Services.pdf  (PDF • 283 Ko)

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