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Tenders of the week 25-02-2022

TJJV – Onshore Recalibration of Portable and Temporary Gas Detector

FUNAE – Provision of Goods and Services

TRIBUNAL SUPREMO – Provision of Goods and Services

ANE – Provision of Goods and Services

IGEPE – Provision of Goods and Services

OIM – Consulting service for evaluation of the occupational health project

Beluluane Gas Company – Matola Harbour Geotechnical Survey


Télécharger TJJV_-_Onshore_Recalibration_of_Portable_and_Temporary_Gas_Detectors.pdf  (PDF • 234 Ko) Télécharger FUNAE_-_Provision_of_Goods_and_Services__2022_.pdf  (PDF • 483 Ko) Télécharger TRIBUNAL_SUPREMO_-_Provision_of_Goods_and_Services.pdf  (PDF • 387 Ko) Télécharger ANE_-_Provision_of_Goods_and_Services_-22.pdf  (PDF • 503 Ko) Télécharger IGEPE_-_Provision_of_Goods_and_Services.pdf  (PDF • 429 Ko) Télécharger OIM_-_Consulting_service_for_evaluation_of_the_occupational_health_project.pdf  (PDF • 262 Ko) Télécharger Beluluane_Gas_Company_-_Matola_Harbour_Geotechnical_Survey.pdf  (PDF • 141 Ko)


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