Appels d’offres & Opportunités d'affaires

Tenders of the Week 21-06-2024

CMCV Construction of a stormwater drainage basin in Vilankulos

DPOPN Construction of water supply sources in Nampula

ANE Bridge Maintenance

BIOFUND Consultancy in biodiversity system

MADR Consultancy services

ANE Road Maintenance

FUNAE Various Services

FNDS IT Equipment

WE WORLD Salt Water System

ACF Insurance companies

Child Fund Goods and services

ICAP Surgical Instruments

Jhpiego Surgical equipment

IICAEG Computer room construction and installation

GIZ Consultancy for training women leaders in decentralized municipal governance

MRV Line pipe supply and technical support

MRV Various pipes and technical support

MRV Material and technical support


Télécharger FNDS_IT_Equipment.pdf  (PDF • 258 Ko) Télécharger ANE_Bridge_Maintenance.pdf  (PDF • 714 Ko) Télécharger MRV_Line_pipe_supply_and_technical_support.pdf  (PDF • 672 Ko) Télécharger ACF_Insurance_companies.pdf  (PDF • 2 Mo) Télécharger MRV_Various_pipes_and_technical_support.pdf  (PDF • 610 Ko) Télécharger CMCV_Construction_of_a_stormwater_drainage_basin_in_Vilankulos.pdf  (PDF • 304 Ko) Télécharger IICAEG_Computer_room_construction_and_installation.pdf  (PDF • 324 Ko) Télécharger MRV_Material_and_technical_support.pdf  (PDF • 599 Ko) Télécharger Child_Fund_Goods_and_services.pdf  (PDF • 428 Ko) Télécharger GIZ_Consultancy_for_training_women_leaders_in_decentralized_municipal_governance.pdf  (PDF • 280 Ko) Télécharger WE_WORLD_Salt_Water_System.pdf  (PDF • 254 Ko) Télécharger ICAP_Surgical_Instruments.pdf  (PDF • 277 Ko) Télécharger Jhpiego_Surgical_equipment.pdf  (PDF • 292 Ko) Télécharger ANE_Road_Maintenance.pdf  (PDF • 714 Ko) Télécharger DPOPN_Construction_of_water_supply_sources_in_Nampula.pdf  (PDF • 306 Ko) Télécharger MADR_Consultancy_services.pdf  (PDF • 445 Ko) Télécharger BIOFUND_Consultancy_in_biodiversity_system.pdf  (PDF • 482 Ko) Télécharger FUNAE_Various_Services_..pdf  (PDF • 452 Ko)


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