Appels d’offres & Opportunités d'affaires

Tenders of the week 18-02-2022

ProAzul – Consulting Services

APIEX – Individual Consultant

Sasol – Invites interested Liquid Nitrogen Suppliers to provide a response to this pre-qualification process

Sasol – Invites interested Surface Slickline Service Providers to provide a response to this provider a response to this pre-qualification process

ANE – Security Services

BNI – Consulting Services

ENI – Fixed Wings Transportation Services in Mozambique


Télécharger ProAzul_-_Consulting_Services.pdf  (PDF • 182 Ko) Télécharger APIEX_-_Individual_Consultant_.pdf  (PDF • 370 Ko) Télécharger SASOL_-_Invites_interested_Liquid_Nitrogen_Suppliers_to_provide_a_response_to_this_pre-qualification_process.pdf  (PDF • 267 Ko) Télécharger SASOL_-_Invites_interested_Surface_Slickline_Service_Providers_to_provide_a_response_to_this_provider_a_response_to_this_pre-qualification_process.pdf  (PDF • 271 Ko) Télécharger ANE_-_Security_Services_2022.pdf  (PDF • 505 Ko) Télécharger BNI_-_Consulting_Services.pdf  (PDF • 358 Ko) Télécharger ENI_-_Fixed_Wings_Transportation_Services_in_Mozambique_.pdf  (PDF • 236 Ko)


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