Appels d’offres & Opportunités d'affaires

Tenders of the Week 16-02-2024

MRV - Insurance Brokerage Services

ACLF Visibility and Printing Services

STC - Truck Freight Services and Rental of Light Vehicles and Minibuses

MTC - Consultancy to Develop a Strategic Sustainability Plan

ARIEL - Printing and Provision of Registration Instruments

DNIC - Catering Services, Travel Insurance, Maintenance and Fuel Supply

ANE - Security Services

KENMARE - Installation, Maintenance and Support of DSTV and CCTV Television Systems

GDL - Construction and Consulting Services

WATERAID - Water Resources Management Plan

JHPIEGO - Supply of Food, Hygiene and Cleaning Products

FSDMO - Fintechs and Financial Intermediaries


Télécharger GDL_-_Construction_and_Consulting_Services.pdf  (PDF • 120 Ko) Télécharger JHPIEGO_-_Supply_of_Food__Hygiene_and_Cleaning_Products.pdf  (PDF • 119 Ko) Télécharger WATERAID_-_Water_Resources_Management_Plan.pdf  (PDF • 152 Ko) Télécharger ARIEL_-_Printing_and_Provision_of_Registration_Instruments.pdf  (PDF • 165 Ko) Télécharger STC_-_Truck_Freight_Services_and_Rental_of_Light_Vehicles_and_Minibuses.pdf  (PDF • 119 Ko) Télécharger KENMARE_-_Installation__Maintenance_and_Support_of_DSTV_and_CCTV_Television_Systems.pdf  (PDF • 173 Ko) Télécharger FSDMO_-_Fintechs_and_Financial_Intermediaries.pdf  (PDF • 152 Ko) Télécharger MTC_-_Consultancy_to_Develop_a_Strategic_Sustainability_Plan.pdf  (PDF • 155 Ko) Télécharger MRV_-_Insurance_Brokerage_Services.pdf  (PDF • 282 Ko) Télécharger ACLF_Visibility_and_Printing_Services.pdf  (PDF • 199 Ko) Télécharger DNIC_-_Catering_Services__Travel_Insurance__Maintenance_and_Fuel_Supply.pdf  (PDF • 113 Ko) Télécharger ANE_-_Security_Services.pdf  (PDF • 283 Ko)


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