Appels d’offres & Opportunités d'affaires

Tenders of the Week 12-04-2024

MRV – Providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Subsea Deepwater Large-Bore Connection System, …

ADPP - Vehicle Acquisition

MTC – Supply, Assembly and Maintenance of IT Communications Equipment for CMC’s in South, Center and North of Country                           

FAGCSP - Acquisition of medical equipment

ANE – Consultancy Services of Senior Highway Engineer

I-Tech - Acquisition of IT Equipment 

EMOSE - Contracting Services

Helvitas - Consultancy Services


Télécharger Consulting_Services.pdf  (PDF • 102 Ko) Télécharger MTC_-_Supply__Assembly_and_Maintenance_of_IT_Communications_Equipment_for_CMC_s_in_South__Center_and_North_of_Country.pdf  (PDF • 233 Ko) Télécharger ANE_-_Consultancy_Services_of_Senior_Highway_Engineer.pdf  (PDF • 298 Ko) Télécharger ADPP_-_Vehicle_Acquisition.pdf  (PDF • 96 Ko) Télécharger I-Tech_-_Acquisition_of_IT_Equipment.pdf  (PDF • 93 Ko) Télécharger EMOSE_-_Contracting_Services.pdf  (PDF • 120 Ko) Télécharger MRV_-Providing_Engineering__Procurement_and_Construction_of_Subsea_Deepwater_Large-Bore_Connection_System.pdf  (PDF • 657 Ko) Télécharger FAGCSP_-_Acquisition_of_medical_equipment.pdf  (PDF • 136 Ko)


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