Appels d’offres & Opportunités d'affaires

Tenders of the Week 10-05-2024

FNDS Legal Advisor

GIZ Consulting Services

FUNAE Consulting Services

EDM – Consultant Services for Mapping and Registration of all EDM’s Telefibra, S.A Infrastructures

INAM Various Services

Cahora Bassa – SAP Assessment Consulting Services at HCB

AMMSM - Various Services

CEDSIF - Various Services


Télécharger Cahora_Bassa_-_SAP_Assessment_Consulting_Services_at_HCB.pdf  (PDF • 121 Ko) Télécharger FNDS_Legal_Advisor.pdf  (PDF • 133 Ko) Télécharger GIZ_Consulting_Service.pdf  (PDF • 121 Ko) Télécharger INAM_Various_Services.pdf  (PDF • 184 Ko) Télécharger EDM_-_Consultant_Services_for_Mapping_and_Registration_.pdf  (PDF • 354 Ko) Télécharger CEDSIF_-_Various_Services.pdf  (PDF • 100 Ko) Télécharger AMMSM_-_Various_Services.pdf  (PDF • 119 Ko) Télécharger FUNAE_-_Consulting_Service.pdf  (PDF • 439 Ko)


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