Appels d’offres & Opportunités d'affaires

Tenders of the Week 09-11-2023

ENH Printing Services and Rebranding Material Supply

FNDS Supply of IT Material

FUNAE Cleaning, Fumigation, Vehicle Maintenance Services

MTC Vehicle and Toner Acquisition Services

ACL Framework Agreement with a Travel Agency

PROAZUL Fishing, Conservation and Fish Processing Material

CMVG Access Road Maintenance Equipment

WWF Consulting Services

FGH Fuel Supply Using Pre-paid and Post-paid Card System

ENH Supply of Food and Hygiene Products

ESMABAMA Consulting for Market Analysis Study

ESMABAMA Agribusiness Studies in Agroforestry Systems

EDM Submission of Projects or Initiatives for Sponsorship

MTC Transport Engineering Services


Télécharger WWF_Consulting_Services.pdf  (PDF • 101 Ko) Télécharger EDM_Submission_of_Projects_or_Initiatives_for_Sponsorship.pdf  (PDF • 192 Ko) Télécharger FUNAE_Cleaning__Fumigation__Vehicle_Maintenance_Services.pdf  (PDF • 164 Ko) Télécharger ENH_Supply_of_Food_and_Hygiene_Products.pdf  (PDF • 135 Ko) Télécharger MTC_Transport_Engineering_Services.pdf  (PDF • 117 Ko) Télécharger MTC_Vehicle_and_Toner_Acquisition_Services.pdf  (PDF • 101 Ko) Télécharger FGH_Fuel_Supply_Using_Pre-paid_and_Post-paid_Card_System.pdf  (PDF • 94 Ko) Télécharger CMVG.pdf  (PDF • 250 Ko) Télécharger ENH_Printing_Services_and_Rebranding_Material_Supply.pdf  (PDF • 129 Ko) Télécharger PROAZUL_Fishing__Conservation_and_Fish_Processing_Material.pdf  (PDF • 216 Ko) Télécharger ESMABAMA_Agribusiness_Studies_in_Agroforestry_Systems.pdf  (PDF • 174 Ko) Télécharger ESMABAMA_Consulting_for_Market_Analysis_Study.pdf  (PDF • 176 Ko) Télécharger FNDS_Supply_of_IT_Material___.pdf  (PDF • 131 Ko) Télécharger ACL_Framework_Agreement_With_a_Travel_Agency.pdf  (PDF • 250 Ko)


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