Tenders of the Week 09-09-2020

Total - Accommodation Camp and Management Services.

ENH – Security Services for Facilities, People and Good.

HCB – Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Vibration Monitoring System.

Enabel – Elaboration of an Overview of Priority Regulatory Needs for the Off-grid Renewable Energy Sector in Mozambique.

Enebel – Consultancy Services.

FIPAG - Consultancy Services.

EDM - Consultancy Services.

EDM – Supply of 8 Vehicles.

Maputo Municipal Council – Acquisition of Office Material.

BVM – Purchase of Vehicles


Télécharger Total_camp_accommodation_002.pdf  (PDF • 194 Ko) Télécharger ENH.pdf  (PDF • 386 Ko) Télécharger HCB.pdf  (PDF • 187 Ko) Télécharger ENABEL.pdf  (PDF • 294 Ko) Télécharger ENABEL-1.pdf  (PDF • 275 Ko) Télécharger FIPAG.pdf  (PDF • 310 Ko) Télécharger EDM.pdf  (PDF • 480 Ko) Télécharger EDM-1.pdf  (PDF • 515 Ko) Télécharger CMM-1.pdf  (PDF • 332 Ko) Télécharger BVM.pdf  (PDF • 436 Ko)

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