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Tenders of the week 09-02-2021

CORAL FLNG - Ship Sanitation Services

CCS JV - Installation of Photovoltaic Plant-Mechanical Electrical and Instrumental Works

CCS JV - Supply of Hand Tools and Equipment

FUNAE - Equipment Supply

EMODRAGA - Services Supply

FIPAG - Supply of Assets and Services


Télécharger CORAL-FLNG_-Ship_sanitation_services.pdf  (PDF • 503 Ko) Télécharger Photovoltaic-Plant-Mechanical-Eletrical-and-Instrumental-Works_EOI_06th-to-13th-February-2021.pdf  (PDF • 153 Ko) Télécharger Supply-of-Hand-Tools-and-Equipment_EOI_05th-to-12th-February-of-2021-1.pdf  (PDF • 149 Ko) Télécharger FUNAE_-_Equipment_Supply.pdf  (PDF • 346 Ko) Télécharger EMODRAGA.pdf  (PDF • 368 Ko) Télécharger FIPAG_-_Supply_of_Assets_and_Services.pdf  (PDF • 439 Ko)

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