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Tenders of the week 05-08-2022

INNOQ – Provision of Services

ANE – Consultancy Services

HCB – Supply of Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audit Software

ENI – Supply of Materials and Equipments in Pemba

ENI – Drilling Operations Offshore by Drillship Revision .01

EDM – Supply and Installation of Trainings Equipments and Didadct

Material for EDM Training Centres in Chimoio and Maputo

HCB – Calibration of Laboratory Equipment and Issuance of Calibration Certificates

HCB - Software Supply

Sasol – Engineering and Construction Services for Upgrade of the Perimeter Fence AT Sasol Petroleum Temane, Gas Central Processing Facility Sasol

UEM – Vehicle Supply

ANE – Technical ServicesHCB – Software Supply

DAI – Supply of Goods and Services


Télécharger ANE_-_Consultancy_Services.pdf  (PDF • 152 Ko) Télécharger DAI_-_Supply_of_Goods_and_Services.pdf  (PDF • 160 Ko) Télécharger HCB_-_Software_Supply.pdf  (PDF • 162 Ko) Télécharger HCB_-_Calibration_of_Laboratory_Equipment_and_Issuance_of_Calibration_Certificates.pdf  (PDF • 226 Ko) Télécharger ANE_-_Technical_Services.pdf  (PDF • 168 Ko) Télécharger UEM_-_Vehicle_Supply.pdf  (PDF • 154 Ko) Télécharger EDM_-_Supply_and_Installation_of_Trainings_Equipments_and_Didadct.pdf  (PDF • 404 Ko) Télécharger ENI_-_Drilling_Operations_Offshore_by_Drillship_Revision_.01.pdf  (PDF • 361 Ko) Télécharger Sasol_-_Engineering_and_Construction_Services_for_Upgrade_of_the_Perimeter_Fence_AT_Sasol_Petroleum_Temane__Gas_Central_Processing_Facility_Sasol.pdf  (PDF • 279 Ko) Télécharger HCB_-_Supply_of_Enterprise_Risk_Management_and_Internal_Audit_Software.pdf  (PDF • 175 Ko) Télécharger INNOQ_-_Provision_of_Services.pdf  (PDF • 149 Ko) Télécharger ENI_-_Supply_of_Materials_and_Equipments_in_Pemba.pdf  (PDF • 555 Ko)


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