Tenders of the Week 05-08-2020

TECHNIPFMC – Advertisement of Manifestation of Interest Maintenance Services

Total - EOI for Fisher and Collector Engagement and Capacity Development

Total - Informal Sector Vocational and Technical Skills Development

World Vision - Supply of Agricultural Inputs

INSS - Voice Data Network Installation; Supply and Sound System Installation

MOPHRH - Generator Set Maintenance


Télécharger TECHNIPFMC.pdf  (PDF • 188 Ko) Télécharger Total_-eoi_-_fisheries_engagement.pdf  (PDF • 205 Ko) Télécharger Total_-_eoi_-_informal_vocational_and_tech_training.pdf  (PDF • 208 Ko) Télécharger WV.pdf  (PDF • 193 Ko) Télécharger INSS.pdf  (PDF • 192 Ko) Télécharger MOPHRH.pdf  (PDF • 212 Ko)

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