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Tenders of the week 04-03-2022

ANE – Consulting Services…

ANE – Consultancy Services for Conceptual Design, Monitoring and Supervision of the Rehabilitation…

ENH – Provision of Goods and Services

SASOL - Oil Well Conductor Pipe Supplier to Provide a Response to this pre-qualification process

SASOL - Sasol - Surface Slickline Services

IPEME – Communication Specialist

FIPAG – Supply of Laboratory Equipment and Reagents

Biofund – Hiring a Community Governance Service Provider for the Chipanje Chetu Community Program


Télécharger ANE_-_Consulting_Services-Firms_Selection_.pdf  (PDF • 218 Ko) Télécharger ANE_-_Consultancy_Services_for_Conceptual_Design__Monitoring_and_Supervision_of_the_Rehabilitation....pdf  (PDF • 188 Ko) Télécharger ENH_-_Provision_of_Goods_and_Services.pdf  (PDF • 365 Ko) Télécharger SASOL_-_Oil_Well_Conductor_Pipe_Supplier_to_Provide_a_Response_to_this_pre-qualification_process.pdf  (PDF • 361 Ko) Télécharger SASOL_-_Surface_Slickline_Services.pdf  (PDF • 404 Ko) Télécharger IPEME_-_communication_specialist-mozyweb_03.03.2022.pdf  (PDF • 154 Ko) Télécharger FIPAG_-_Supply_of_Laboratory_Equipment_and_Reagents.pdf  (PDF • 191 Ko) Télécharger Biofund_-_Hiring_a_Community_Governance_Service_Provider_for_the_Chipanje_Chetu_Community_Program_.pdf  (PDF • 644 Ko)
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