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Temane Thermal Power Plant may start operating next May

The equipment testing and natural gas injection phase at the Temane Thermal Power Plant (CTT), in Inhassoro district, in the southern Mozambican province of Inhambane, budgeted at 652.3 million US dollars, may start in May next year.

The CTT will produce 450 megawatts of electricity in a combined cycle generation model based on natural gas, which will be supplied to the publicly owned electricity company, EDM, by the South African petrochemical giant SASOL, which operates the Pande and Temane gas fields.

These prospects follow the progress made in building the infrastructure and assembling the equipment, which is proceeding at a rapid pace.

Reinforcing these forecasts is the progress made in implementing the production sharing agreement by SASOL. The agreement provides for the construction of a project that should guarantee the production of 23 million gigajoules of gas per year, to be channeled later to the Temane Thermal Power Station to generate electricity.

According to Monday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Notícias”, the guarantees were recently given by Samir Salé, Business Development Director of Globeleq, the company leading the CTT project, during a meeting organized by the Inhambane Provincial Government with the aim of assessing the stage of implementation of this venture. Regarding the progress of the works, Samir Salé said that 87 percent has been completed.

He highlighted the installation of the foundations, the completion of the structures of the main buildings, as well as the start of mechanical and electronic activities.

He also praised the support work for the temporary bridge over the Govuro River, as this will help to guarantee the transport of material by sea between Temane and Maputo.

Also noteworthy was the progress made on building the Temane to Maputo electricity transmission line. The official responsible for this work, Bruno Baptista, said that of the 1,127 pylons planned, at least 150 have already been erected, covering a distance of 250 of the 560 kilometers of planned transmission line.



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