Société Générale Mozambique’s Solidary Golf initiative brings smiles to Boane and Beira children

The Golf Solidary initiative combines sport with social causes in a tournament where every shot, count for the future of those who need it most.

On September 23rd, the employees of Banco Société Générale Moçambique visited the Beira kindergarten to deliver 29 mattresses and 10 tables.

This is yet another delivery resulting from the funds raised at the 1st Solidary Golf event, which took place in May at the Beira Golf Club.

On the occasion, Ana Paula Salgado, coordinator of the project at the kindergarten, thanked the Banco Société Générale Moçambique and all players for the "remarkable gesture", because it met part of the needs of the children in the kindergarten.

On Saturday, October 7th, another group of Société Générale Moçambique team visited the Lar Mamana Wa Ku Rula in Boane, an orphanage that houses around 30 girls from 06 to 17 years and promotes their education, with the support of “A Casa Amarela Moçambique (ACA MOZ)”, an association dedicated to promoting education, professional guidance and empowerment of girls in vulnerable conditions.

The Bank's CEO, Ridha Tekaïa, led the handover ceremony for a highly equipped Cutting and Sewing House so that the girls can learn this activity to serve as a source of income in their future.

Numerous SG Bank employees joined the initiative and "donated" their energy and creativity to painting, renewing the playground, decorating and computer classes for the girls.

These initiatives show the Bank's commitment to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which it operates, thanks to the its Clients, Partners and employees who continuously embrace this initiatives.


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