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Société Générale Mozambique opens the House of SMEs

Société Générale Mozambique Bank recently inaugurated (23/06), a space reserved for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), called House of SMEs, in Maputo.

This project consists in empowering the SMEs, from the managers of companies affiliated to the bank, to the general public interested in developing a particular business as a SME.

According to the CEO, Ridha Tekaia, the Société Générale Group has a global strategy to support this segment of companies for their social and economic commitment.

“We look at SMEs as a sector of prosperity, we know that in Mozambique SMEs constitute a large mass of the business sector and we think that the time has come to give our contribution by supporting and offering greater robustness in their actions,” explained Tekaia.

For the opening of this House of SMEs, the Bank has identified relevant basic elements to support companies, taking into account the challenges of accessing credit and presenting guarantees.

National and international investment fund partners and institutions are involved in this project, with specific lines for the various sectors that are part of the Mozambican economic system.

According to the Head of the Bank’s SME Unit, Ricardo Guambe, the focus is to broaden the support services to the needs of this segment, from the creation and structuring phase of the companies, empowering them in several daily issues.

“Here we will have specialists in various subjects, from taxes, accounting, among others, to the elaboration of business plans, which is what most companies need to produce profits and have a return on their investments, as well as applications,” said Guambe.

With the opening of the Casa das PME’s, the Bank understands that it will get to know its customers better and will be able to respond more accurately to requests, it will have a clear understanding of the business in the sense of facilitating the granting of credit that culminates with the appreciation of the same by increasing the loyalty of the services of the SME segment

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