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SNV and Ignite Mozambique Sign New Multi-Year Agreement to Deploy Over 300,000 Solar Home Systems in Off-Grid Areas

SNV and Ignite Mozambique sign new multi-year agreement to deploy over 300,000 solar home systems in off-grid areas. 

Ignite Power is pleased to announce the signing of an extended partnership agreement with SNV Mozambique, as part of the implementation of the BRILHO programme, funded by United Kingdom Aid – Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (Ukaid-FCDO) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The new agreement extends the support by securing additional £3.8 (to a total of $6m), backing Ignite’s goals of deploying more than 300k solar home systems in the coming years, expanding operations into more provinces and districts, and reaching people in thousands of villages. 

Operating in Mozambique since 2019 under the Energy For All programme, Ignite has already directly impacted more than 100,000 people in the hardest-to-reach, remote communities. About 70% of Mozambique’s population, more than 21 million people, still lives without access to electricity in their homes. Ignite is on a journey to connect hundreds of thousands of households to sustainable, off-grid solar electricity, impacting millions across the country.

Operating throughout the Sub-Saharan Africa region since 2014, Ignite is offering the most advanced and affordable sustainable life-enabling distributed infrastructure solutions, including solar home systems, solar irrigation pumps, clean cooking stoves, solar home appliances, and more. With a network covering more than 10,000 villages, it has created 3,500 job opportunities in remote communities, with inclusiveness, sustainability, and gender equality leading every step. With competitive affordability leading operations and a strong focus on last-mile communities, Ignite is a dominant operator in last-mile communities, collaborating with development partners, such as the BRILHO Program, to reach and impact millions of people, no matter their location or financial means. Through advanced digital tools that enable smart verification of every deployment, Ignite ensures that 100% of the capital reaches its proper destination, establishing a vast impact on some of the world’s poorest communities that have long been excluded from modern practices.

“We are proud to collaborate with a leading organization such as SNV, extending our current partnership and operations in the country,” says Angela Homsi, Ignite’s co-founder. “Having electricity at home for the first time is a life-changing event, leading to economic development, better education, a safer, healthier environment, and reductions of greenhouse gasses. These efforts have never been more important in today’s reality and the rising food insecurities”.

“BRILHO’S mandate is to create an ecosystem in the off-grid energy sector in Mozambique, accelerating access to affordable energy solutions, through innovative business initiatives and bringing a diverse offering of products and services to the households. BRILHO is supporting the GoM to develop a more enable environment, promoting private investment to create a sustainable market in Mozambique,” says Bernie Chaves, Country Director for SNV Mozambique.

“Distributed infrastructure technologies and Results-Based Financing programs proved to be the most affordable, reliable, and sustainable solutions to reach large-scale impact in remote communities across Africa”, says Homsi. “To do the same in Mozambique, we must combine capital support with smart, digital, and last-mile operations. We are excited to share this vision with the BRILHO Program and to jointly support the government in meeting its goals to reach universal access to electricity in the country by 2030 and to lead Mozambique into a more sustainable and clean future”. 



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