Visite d’entreprise

Site Visit: Ascending Academy

 Several members of the Camara de Comercio e Industria França-Moçambique CCIFM visited the Ascending Academy in Matola. We were pretty ‘mind blown’ by the firefighting exercises!! We visited the workshop that trains every year hundreds of workers in mechanics, rigging, welding, electricity and more. The training courses cater for companies' needs in such industries as Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas, Transport & Logistics – to name a few.  
Ascending has 3 fully equipped Academies in Mozambique - #Matola#Pemba and #Palma - which develop & deliver tailored made training programs. Their new Specialized HSE Training Unit, designed to be a paradigm shift in HSE training and promote safety, ensures preparedness for real-life emergencies.
✔ An immense THANKS to the full team for these great in-situo demos!
✔ MERCI BEAUCOUP Philip Schnitzer da SilvaFilipe Francisco and Ricardo Martins for such a warm welcome
✔ And OBRIGADA to our great members who came along!
 ------ Ascending is an HR local company focused on internationally certified training and optimized workforce solutions.

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