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Rail-port movement in Mozambique grew 8% last year

The Mozambican rail-port system transported around 26.6 million net tons in 2023 throughout the country, an increase of around 8% compared to the previous period.

On the lines operated by the public company Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (CFM), cargo transportation also grew, reaching around 12.4 million net tons.

Although the increase is more modest, only 1% compared to 2023, it reflects the continued activity and importance of these lines in freight transport.

The data was revealed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CFM Agostinho Langa Júnior, yesterday, Thursday (25), in Maputo at the opening of the XXVII Council of Directors of the Ports and Railways Company of Mozambique CFM.

“In terms of passenger transport, which, as we know, is our major social contribution, just over seven million passengers were transported, which corresponds to a growth of 25%, when compared to the same period in 2022,” said Langa, quoted by the AIM.

In the port area, there was an increase, handling 63.4 million metric tons, compared to 56.5 million metric tons in 2022.

“Regarding the terminals under CFM’s management, around 12.3 million metric tons were handled during this period, compared to 13.2 million metric tons handled in 2022, which represents a reduction of around 7% compared to 2022, reflecting the fall in coal exports and liquid fuel imports through the respective terminals at the Port of Beira,” said the source.

However, he pointed out that in 2023 Mozambique’s rail-port system faced significant challenges, above all natural disasters and regional economic difficulties, but despite the obstacles, the company remained committed to its projects in line with the government’s Five-Year Plan 2020-2024. 



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