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Port of Beira Container Terminal continues to lead in Southern Africa

The Port of Beira Container Terminal, under concession to Cornelder de Moçambique (CdM), recorded an increase of 47 points in the CPPI- Performance Index of Managing Ports for Container Terminals for the year 2022, moving from 270˚ to 223˚ (out of a total of 348 ports assessed worldwide), consolidating its position as the most efficient container terminal in Southern Africa.

This progress is the result of several strategic measures adopted by the Port of Beira’s concessionaire, Cornelder de Moçambique, highlighting investments in infrastructure and equipment, as well as improving efficiency and productivity.

Cornelder de Moçambique, a public-private partnership that has operated the port for 25 years, has been instrumental in the transformation of the Port of Beira. During this period, substantial investments were made in several areas, including the construction of a new entrance to the container terminal, rehabilitation of existing facilities, paving of additional areas as well as the acquisition of new cranes and other operational equipment.

Internal applications were also developed such as C-GATE (an Artificial Intelligence-based application on handheld devices and scanning portals for container arrivals and departures), CDMS (a customer portal for document submission), CommTrac (an operating system for the General Cargo Terminal, and TPS – Truck Positioning System. These investments have helped improve the efficiency and productivity of the port, making it a more attractive option for Shipping Lines.

In addition, various initiatives were implemented to improve the efficiency and productivity of the port, with particular emphasis on the introduction of better operating procedures, staff training and the use of new technologies. These initiatives helped to reduce lead times and improve the port’s overall performance.

Finally, training certifications for all machine operators have been introduced on an ongoing basis, which has helped to create a more transparent and accountable environment at the port.

As Mozambique’s second largest port, the Port of Beira is a significant driver of the country’s economy and an important gateway for trade with countries in the region, handling a wide variety of containerized and bulk cargo.


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