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Palma Development Foundation / Fundacao para o Desenvolvimento de Palma (FPDP) seeks to expand its donor base to achieve its objectives

The Palma Development Foundation - Fundacao para o Desenvolvimento de Palma – FPDP (Portuguese), is a Mozambican non-profit organization that develops projects with commercial and

sustainable potential in northern Cabo Delgado communities, in the Palma and Mocimboa da Praia Districts.


The main objectives of FPDP are to:

● facilitate regional security through broad based economic and social development initiatives

● promote socio-economic progress and non-extractive livelihood development, including agriculture products and construction materials

● contribute to global environmental priorities, including carbon sequestration through afforestation and energy replacement


The Foundation has to date been funded and supported by various parties, including:

True North from an institutional and financial perspective, as well as operations and logistics

BioVision vis-a-vis environmental and social management as well as carbon monetization

Teichmann with equipment supply

CLC with technical support to value chain development and fundraising

FPDP is open to financial and technical participation by all interested and committed partners.


Télécharger FPDP_Presentation.pdf  (PDF • 6 Mo)


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