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New board of directors for France Mozambique Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Mozambique recently elected its new board of directors.

The composition of the board is as follows:

President: Fanny Canet, Managing Director, TotalEnergies Marketing Mozambique

Vice-President: Ridha Tekaia, Managing Director, Societe Generale Mozambique

Vice-President: Miguel Murargy, CEO, Sintagma

General Secretary: Florie Manteuffel, Commercial Director, Bolloré Logistics Mozambique, Malawi & Zimbabwe

Deputy General Secretary: Luis Archer, General Manager, Peschaud

Deputy General Secretary: Remi Guigue, General Manager, Foselev

Treasurer: Cyrille Créchet, CFO, CMA-CGM

Deputy Treasurer: Luis Leonor, CEO, 2iBi Software

Deputy Treasurer: Joao Po, CEO, LAM

Find enclosed the presentation of General Assembly took place on Tuesday 6th September 2022 


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Mozambique (CCIFM), an association under Mozambican law, was created in June 2015 on the initiative of French companies established in Mozambique and of Mozambican partners.

With real expertise in the Mozambican market and a wide network of contacts, the France Mozambique Chamber of Commerce (CCIFM) aims to strengthen economic, commercial and industrial exchanges between France and Mozambique by facilitating access of French companies to the Mozambican market and by supporting Mozambican exporters on the French market.

In this sense, the CCIFM has established and developed a powerful network of partnerships with French and Mozambican authorities and institutions in order to best defend the interests of its Members and to promote the activities of the Franco-Mozambican community.

The CCIFM works in close collaboration with the French Embassy in Mozambique and the Local Committee of Foreign Trade Advisers in order to best support French companies wishing to establish themselves or do business in Mozambique and to advise them on all commercial, financial and economic issues.

The CCIFM is part of a vast and influential network made up of more than 125 Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 95 different countries. The members of this CCI France International network regularly meet the ministries and public institutions in charge of foreign trade in France and abroad (Treasury Department, Ministries, Business France), as well as the institutions in charge of French people residing in abroad (Ministry of Foreign Affairs – AFE), and promote the signing of agreements with numerous partners in France and abroad.



Télécharger Presentation_GA_CCIFM_-_06_09_2022.pdf  (PDF • 4 Mo)


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