Meeting with the association CHAPATECA

The CCIFM recently held an interesting talk with Constance Michel, Project Manager of the Mozambican association CHAPATECA, which aims at promoting access to books and information for Mozambicans in situations of socio-economic vulnerability. They have a special focus on developing reading and writing skills of the youth.

The Chapateca association is looking for partners to support the implementation of its activities, either through donations of materials or through direct financial support. So if you have some CSR initiatives to fulfil, feel free to look at their enclosed brochure and/or contact directly Constance for further information: +258 82 013 7175 / +258 84 149 9012 / constance.michel(@)


Télécharger CCIFM_CHAPATECA_pres_PT_062022.pdf  (PDF • 324 Ko) Télécharger CCIFM_CHAPATECA_pres_ENG_062022.pdf  (PDF • 323 Ko) Télécharger Chapateca_1_pager_-_ENGLISH_final_-_06-06-2022.pdf  (PDF • 463 Ko) Télécharger Chapateca_1_pager_-_PORTUGUE__S_final_-_06-06-2022.pdf  (PDF • 877 Ko)


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