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Launch of the CFO Club 2nd November 2023 19h - Hotel Cardoso (Fiamma Restaurant)

Correspondence addressed to all CFOs part of member companies of the CCIFM.

We are also kindly asking every CEO / Managing Director to please transfer this email to the CFO of your company since we don’t have all necessary contacts for the moment.

The CCIFM is very pleased to launch the “CFO Club”!! 

What are the objectives? 

 Get to know one another & develop relationships between participating members.

  • Address issues related to the responsibilities of a CFO and share best practices in a relaxed and afterwork environment.
  • Assist the CCIFM to organize Business Breakfasts related to finance laws & corporate finance matters: what topics, which speakers…

For whom?


  • CFOs ONLY, from member companies of the CCIFM
  • All sizes of companies, all sectors of activity


When will the CFO Club meet & mingle?

 We suggest afterwork dinners 4 times a year, in a restaurant in Maputo, every 3rd Thursday of the last month of a Quarter.

Given that December is always a busy month for all, we suggest that our first gathering takes place on Thursday, November 2nd, 2023 at 19h, at Restaurant Fiamma of Hotel Cardoso.

Note: Each participant covers for his/her own food & beverage expenses.

Please register your participation to the November 2nd gathering on the following link.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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