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International Energy Companies Present Proposals To Explore Mozambique Basin

The National Oil Institute (INP) said on Friday, November 14, that international energy companies Eni and CNOOC Hong Kong Holding submitted proposals for the exploration of areas as part of the sixth licensing round for the concession of areas for exploration and production of oil and gas.

According to the INP statement, Eni showed interest for area A6-C, in Angoche, and CNOOC for areas S6-A, A6-G, A6-D, S6-B and A6-E, located in Angoche and Save, respectively.

The two companies propose to form a partnership with the National Hydrocarbons Company, distributing the participant’s interest as follows:

A6-C – Operator ENI (60%) and ENH partner (40%).

S6-A – CNOOC operator (70%) and ENH partner (30%)

A6-G – CNOOC operator (79,5%) and ENH partner (20,5%)

A6-D – CNOOC operator (77,5%) and partner ENH (22,5%)

S6-B – CNOOC operator with 77.5% and partner ENH (22.5%)

A6-E – CNOOC operator with 80% and ENH partner (20%)

Speaking to the representatives of the energy companies during the opening ceremony of the bids, Nazário Bangalane, president of INP, made a point of thanking “Eni and CNOOC for their interest in investing in the areas with proven oil potential,” and took the opportunity to clarify that “the process of evaluating the proposals will be done by a multi-sectoral team composed of senior officials from different state institutions with technical capacity and experience in evaluating such proposals. It will be assisted by an external consultant, in order to ensure a fully transparent process.

The deadline for submitting proposals ended on November 11 and the announcement of the results is expected to take place by December 30, 2022.




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