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INP Clarifies that Rovuma Gas Production Platform is Still in Anchoring Phase

The National Petroleum Institute of Mozambique (INP) reacted thus to the news published in the last days by several media, stating that the vessel that will transport the first gas from the Rovuma basin is on its way to the production field in the northern waters of the country, which is not the truth.

This Wednesday, August 23, the institution told Notícias that the anchoring of the floating platform of the consortium of the Italian multinational ENI that will export natural gas in the Rovuma basin in the north of the country is still underway. “We only have the commissioning [anchoring] of the floating platform underway and what I can say is that the process is taking place within the predicted conditions,” said the president of INP, Nazário Bangalane, in statements to Notícias.

He said that “no shipment is planned,” and noted that “there is no indication of any ship that is on its way to load gas.

Bangalane declined to give dates for the first export of liquid natural gas, saying that as soon as the conditions were created the operation would be announced.

Previously, the Mozambican authorities and oil company ENI had announced the start of natural gas exports from the platform in the second half of this year, but they have been more cautious about dates for this step.




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