Inauguration of EDF Mozambique Offices

Camara de Comercio e Industria França-Moçambique CCIFM had the pleasure to attend last night the celebration ceremony of the recently opened offices of EDF International Networks in Maputo! It is just wonderful to see such a flagship French organization invest in hashtag#Mozambique and recruit / train approx. 50 technicians to support the project.

Project lead Laurence Vabret Yeung explained how EDM (Electricidade de Moçambique) signed a service contract with EDF for 2 years to reduce non-technical losses on the electric distribution network.

Parabens Laurence Vabret Yeung Christopher Ribeiro Héloïse Lemaire Laurent Clément!

Stay tuned for more EDF news in Mozambique. This is just the beginning

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