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HCB concession fee allocated to State Budget rises to 70%

The amount of the Concession Fee paid by the Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric Power Plant (HCB) now going directly to the government has increased to 70%.

In Decree 41/2023, approved by the Council of Ministers on July 7th and which has already entered into force, the government defends the need to “review the revenue allocation regime” provided for in the now-repealed 2009 legislation with regard to the allocation of the HCB Concession Fee, “following its reversal and transfer to the Mozambican State, in order to increase revenues for the Public Treasury, as well as update the beneficiary institutions”.

The monthly HCB Concession Fee is now allocated as follows: 70% to the Mozambican State Budget; 24% to the Energy Fund (FUNAE); 2% to the Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE), up to the limit of its operating budget; 2% to development agencies; and another 2% to regional water administrations.

Under the March 2009 legislation previously in force, the government set the value of the Concession Fee transferred to the State Budget by the hydroelectric plant at 60%, with 35% for FUNAE, 2.5% for the Zambezi Development Plan Office and 2.5% for the National Electricity Council.

HCB is majority-owned by the Mozambican state and has been classified as the Mozambican public company with the best financial health – the only one in ‘Category 1’, that is, with a “very low risk” of failing to honour its commitments, according to an October 2022 analysis by the Centre for Integrity Public (CIP), a Mozambican non-governmental organisation.

According to financial statements, HCB paid the Mozambican state around 239 million meticais (€3.4 million) in concession fees in 2022.


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