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Government to admit new airlines

The Mozambican government intends to let new airlines explore the national market, and proposals from some foreign companies are currently being analysed.

The move was revealed by Prime Minister Adriano Maleiane during a meeting with businesspeople in Nacala in the context of a working visit to Nampula province.

Maleiane said that the admission process for new foreign airlines had already started, but that the Covid-19 pandemic had delayed the initiative.

“The policy was launched at a difficult time. Soon afterwards, we had Covid-19, which forced companies around the world to put activities on hold. Even domestic flights had difficulties,” he added.

The reopening of the country in the face of falling case numbers offered positive prospects for the resumption of the assessment of the companies, and authorities are convinced that the business environment will improve still further.

The prime minister was addressing concerns expressed by meeting participants over the low number of national and international flights at Nacala airport.

Maleiane stressed that there are favourable conditions for use of the infrastructure to be maximised through the exploitation of adjacent areas for the construction of buildings for the provision of catering, transport, hotel services and other components, with a view to making local development more flexible.

This is a strategy aimed at attracting new investments and opening space for the competitiveness of companies, in addition to employment opportunities.

“Nacala International Airport could be better used. It is located in the Special Economic Zone (ZEE), where various investment benefits were granted, notably the exemption from tax and customs fees,” Maleiane said.





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