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EDM to Invest $413.3 M in Electricity Grid Installation

Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) will invest US$413.3 million in setting up electricity networks across the country.

The amount will be applied within the framework of the Energy for All programme, which will soon enter its second phase.

The guarantee was given today in the “Café da Manhã” slot of this broadcasting station, by the Director of Electrification and Projects of Electricity of Mozambique, Cláudio Dambe.

“We have most of the tenders launched. We are working with the CTA and the Chamber of Commerce to motivate the local business community to participate in these tenders. Since the tender specifications use World Bank guidelines, it was necessary to familiarise local businesspeople so that they could also be better prepared to participate in this process of electrifying Mozambique,” he said.

According to Cláudio Dambe, Electricidade de Moçambique has invested US$156 million in the first phase that will end in February, when the equipment for the second phase is due to arrive in the country.


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