EDM plans to increase electricity exports to SADC countries

Energy exports from Mozambique to other Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries could increase this year, strengthening Mozambique’s position as an important regional electricity provider.

Speaking to journalists a few days ago, Electrcidade de Moçambique (EDM) chairman Marcelino Gildo Alberto revealed that energy exports to the region currently represent 22% of EDM’s annual revenues.

“The Southern African region is in crisis. South Africa is short of power, Zimbabwe the same, Zambia too, and recently we learned that Tanzania is starting to have problems. So, we are going to take advantage (of this situation) to sell to the regional market, because we have surplus energy,” said Marcelino Gildo Alberto, quoted by AIM.

Regarding the expansion of electricity supply in Mozambique, Gildo noted that the company had made a total of 348,000 new connections across the country in 2022, with a further 320,000 planned for 2023.

From a base of around 2.7 million customers at the moment, the company aims to reach six million by 2030.

Source: https://clubofmozambique.com/news/mozambique-edm-plans-to-increase-electricity-exports-to-sadc-countries-231379/ 


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