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Economic Acceleration Programme

On August 9th, 2022, the Government of Mozambique launched the Programme of Economic Acceleration Measures (PAE). The Programme comprises a package of 20 reform measures focusing on:

  • Fiscal measures and measures to stimulate the economy; and
  • Measures aimed at improving the business environment, transparency, governance and accelerating strategic infrastructure projects.

Of the 20 measures announced, 9 directly address the concerns and proposed solutions advocated for by Eurocam on its Matrix developed under the European Investor Support Platform (PAIE), presented and discussed with various government entities and in various public-private dialogue fora.

See enclosed hereby an address from Simone Santi, president of Eurocam on this matter.


Télécharger CCIFM.pdf  (PDF • 374 Ko) Télécharger PAE_Ingle__s.pdf  (PDF • 188 Ko)


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