Grand Port Maritime De La Réunion visit to Mozambique to launch the European Union funded INTERREG VI cooperation program in the ports & maritime logistics sector

It has been a busy week during the Grand Port Maritime De La Réunion visit to hashtag#Mozambique to launch the European Union funded hashtag#INTERREG VI cooperation program in the ports & maritime logistics sector.

We had very insightful discussions with:

➡ The Minister of State for Development, Francophonie and International Partnerships of France, Ms Chrysoula Zacharopoulou
➡ Our key partner since day-1: Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (CFM)
➡ The members of the Logistics Committee of the CCIFM: Benoît BURON (AMT S.A.), Rémi guigue (Groupe FOSELEV) and Remy BAYIHA KODOCK (Kerry Logistics).
Bertrand FLEURY DE LA RUELLE (Africa Global Logistics) and Luís Archer de Carvalho (PESCHAUD INTERNATIONAL), I will fill you in in January.
Helder Chambal from newly-created CFM Logistics
➡ Potential new partners to the program: Paul Lord (Quinta Essência) and David Taillant (HURETEK Oil & Gas Services)

We also had the opportunity to present the Phase I of the program we led over the past 2 years, and reminded how 20 to 30 Mozambican professionals followed technical training courses in hashtag#Mozambique & hashtag#LaRéunion island, and then spent 4 to 6 weeks as interns in Reunionese companies, between the months of November 2022 & April 2023.

Région Réunion and GPMDLR are launching the Phase II which will notably focus on:
⏺ the exchange of best practices on such topics as Green Ports, Smart Ports, Sustainable cruising, Port Management & Operations.
⏺ AND an upskills program.

Camara de Comercio e Industria França-Moçambique CCIFM is the local partner of Port Reunion on this exciting cooperation, and our president Fanny Canet renewed our MOU with GPMDLR this Wednesday!

Have a safe trip back to henri dupuis, Karel SERAPHINE & Jeanic Lubanza.

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