CFM Logistics and GPMDLR signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement

This week, we welcomed to Mozambique henri dupuis, Jeanic Lubanza, Jessika Poiny from Grand Port Maritime De La Réunion and ALEXANDRA BAUMANN from HAROPA PORT (Le Havre-Rouen-Paris) for the EU funded INTERREGVI cooperation program in the ports & maritime logistics sector.

We are progressing on the Phase II of the program which will notably focus on the exchange of best practices on such topics as Green Ports, Smart Ports, Sustainable cruising, Port Management & Operations. AND an upskills program.

Camara de Comercio e Industria França - Moçambique CCIFM is the local partner of Port Reunion on this exciting cooperation.

Meetings were held with:

➡ Our key partners since day-1: Dr. Berlindo Fernando from Mozambique's Ministry of Transport & Communications (MTC) and Marilia Jorge & David Chaves from Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (CFM)

Helder Chambal from CFM Logistics and GPMDLR signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement

➡ The members of the Logistics Committee of the CCIFM: Bertrand FLEURY DE LA RUELLE (Africa Global Logistics), Benoît BURON (AMT S.A.), Rémi guigue (Groupe FOSELEV), Remy BAYIHA KODOCK (Kerry Logistics), Luís Archer de Carvalho (PESCHAUD INTERNATIONAL), Paul Lord (Quinta Essência) and David Taillant (HURETEK Oil & Gas Services)

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