Cérémonie de remise de certificats de formation dans le cadre de la coopération Mozambique - La Réunion

We are so proud of the 31 candidates who followed technical training courses in Mozambique and the 20 candidates who followed subsequent technical training & internships in companies in La Réunion island, between the months of November 2022 & April 2023.

This long-led program, financed by the European Union INTERREG & Région Réunion, culminated in the celebration ceremony “Remise des Certificats” which took place on May 18th at the Residence of the French Ambassador to Mozambique.

IMMENSE thanks to:

** Yann Pradeau, Ambassador of France to Mozambique & Eswatini and Laurent Pérez-Vidal who is part of the Selection Committee of the Program.
** Vice President of Région Réunion Karine Nabenesa and Head of Maison Export Maryse DOKI-THONON
** Grand Port Maritime De La Réunion team: henri dupuisJeanic LubanzaKarel SERAPHINEJessika Poiny… Not to forget OLIVIA TOCHE.
** Dr Berlindo Fernando as advisor to the Minister of Transport & Communication of Mozambique
** Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique CFM’s President Agostinho Langa, and his team: David Chavez just to name one!
** ITRANSMAR’s President: Unaite Mustafa
** Africa Global Logistics Country Manager: Bertrand FLEURY DE LA RUELLE
** AMT S.A. Country Manager: Benoît BURON
** PESCHAUD INTERNATIONAL Country Manager: Luís Archer de Carvalho
** Kerry Logistics Country Manager: Remy BAYIHA KODOCK
** Groupe FOSELEV Country Manager: Rémi guigue
** Ascending Partner: Philip Schnitzer da Silva (thanks to their top notch training centres in Matola and Pemba)
** Eva Meignen for your great work & help on this program!
** Marc Belenfant for being the Camara de Comercio e Industria França-Moçambique CCIFM initiator on this program.

NOT TO FORGET ALL THE CANDIDATES who took 'that' extra mile in the development of their respective career paths, despite the language & cultural ‘potential’ barriers. We wish you all the best in your upcoming endeavors!

La Réunion island & Mozambique: this is just the first step in our partnerships! TODOS JUNTOS.  

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