CCIFM - Echoes of General Assembly September 19th

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Bureau of the General Assembly and Fiscal Committee, Camara de Comercio e Industria França-Moçambique CCIFM would like to thank the members who attended and participated to our General Assembly held on September 19th evening.

We voted and approved the audited accounts of 2022, and we elected:
** Nelson Inácio Silva, Finance Manager Mozambique & Malawi, Catering International & Services CIS, as treasurer of the Board of Directors
** and Christophe Beauvais, Director of Operations & Engineering, Technip Energies Mozambique, as Vice-President of the Bureau of the General Assembly.

Welcome Nelson and Christophe!

We are very grateful to Olímpio Sitoe, Finance & Admin Manager, EP Management & Consultancy ServicesBenoit G., Country Manager Mozambique, Servtec / SBM and Patrick Danaux, Country Manager, Sonepral Mozambique Lda, for applying to the roles.

“Ce n’est que partie remise” as we say in French! There will indeed be some vacant roles in 2024 amongst our 3 governing bodies.

And thank you to Banco Société Générale Moçambique for hosting the meeting at Casa das PME and the wonderful cocktail buffet!  

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