Bilans d’évènement

CCIFM Breakfast - BUSINESS RESILIENCE May 17th 2022, 8h – 9h30, Hotel Cardoso

Event of this morning on Business Resilience: Does your company have a crisis management & recovery plan responsive to disruptive incidents that may compromise business activities?

By disruptive events we mean cyberattacks, information security issues, robberies, terrorist attacks, fire, natural disasters…

Ricardo Velho, Partner & Senior Consultant of InSite MoçambiqueJorge Paiva, CEO of ITMZ + Head of Sales Eurotux, SA and Luis Leal Leonor, CEO of 2iBi | Software shared their experience and expertise in the field, to ensure companies make the necessary investments in the right technologies & systems, and have the most adapted crisis management & recovery plans.



Télécharger 1._INSITE_-_CCIFM_v1.pdf  (PDF • 3 Mo) Télécharger 2._Pres_ITMZ.pdf  (PDF • 541 Ko) Télécharger 3._Pres_Luis_2iBi.pdf  (PDF • 828 Ko)


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