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Bank of Mozambique Plans to Strengthen Risk Control in Financial Sector

The Bank of Mozambique proposes to continue to improve its macro-prudential policy framework (related to the financial stability of banks), and to that end it should keep a focus on constant monitoring of international dynamics to mitigate systemic risks.

The assurance was given by Neman Jemusse, of the Macro-prudential Analysis Department of the Bank of Mozambique (BM), as part of the 13th Scientific Seminar held last Friday, June 10, in Maputo.

“We also have the perception that by introducing a framework of combining monetary and macroprudential policy we will be able to answer many issues that are raised here such as, for example, the conflictuality between the two,” the source argued.

In his presentation, focused on the “WB Experience on the Implementation of Macroprudential Policy”, Neman Jemusse assured that it is currently clear that monetary policy follows price stability. However, on financial stability, he said challenges remain in understanding its interaction with monetary policy.

Jemusse assured that to ensure the achievement of the intended objectives, the Central Bank has been relying on the support of the International Monetary Fund.

The XIII WB Scientific Days were held two years after their interruption due to the covid-19 pandemic. This year, two research papers were presented, which obtained the highest score in the evaluation of the jury constituted for that purpose.



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