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AT reaches 278 billion meticais in tax revenue

The Mozambican Tax Authority (AT) collected more than 278 billion meticais (about 4.3 billion US dollars, at the current exchange rate), over 2021, which was considerably more than expected – it is 105 per cent of the target figure of 265 billion meticais.

Addressing on Monday in Maputo the opening session of a meeting of the AT Board of Directors, the AT Chairperson, Amelia Muendane, said that domestic taxes had contributed 204 billion meticais, amounting to 77 per cent of the total tax revenue, while taxes on foreign trade had raised 74 billion, or 23 per cent.

“We assess positively our performance in 2021, in spite of restrictions and constraints, especially if we take into account the capacity to collect taxes demonstrated by AT staff at several levels, which resulted in strengthening our capacity to fight smuggling, corruption and other tax crimes,” Muendane declared.

Muendane stated that taxes on incomes (both the profit tax and personal income tax) reached 104.74 per cent of the target, while Value Added Tax (VAT) collected was 101 per cent of the target.

The tax on petroleum activities brought in 124.46 per cent of the target. This, Muendane said, was influenced by growing demand for energy, following the resumption of economic activity.

On the other hand, the strengthening of internal control systems and the fight against corruption led to disciplinary proceedings against 57 officials. 13 of these were sacked or expelled, 19 were demoted, 14 were fined, four were given public reprimands and seven were acquitted.

As for this year, Muendane declared that the AT plans to reach the annual target of 293 billion meticais in tax revenue, which would be a growth of about six per cent.



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