Oportunidades de negócio

Tenders of the Week 24-11-2023

BIOFUND - Acquisition of Two Vehicles

FIPAG - Equipment Supply and Installation

FUNAE - Supply of Letterhead Paper

AICS - Hiring a private employment agency for temporary credentials.

CEDSIF - Acquisition of Generator for the Headquarters Building

ACLF - 4X4 Vehicle Insurance Services

MEDH - School Book Customs Clearance Services


Download FUNAE_-_Supply_of_Letterhead_Paper.pdf  (PDF • 100 KB) Download FIPAG_-_Equipment_Supply_and_Installation.pdf  (PDF • 504 KB) Download AICD_-_Hiring_a_private_employment_agency_for_temporary_credentials.pdf  (PDF • 97 KB) Download MEDH_-_School_Book_Customs_Clearance_Services.pdf  (PDF • 109 KB) Download BIOFUND_-_Acquisition_of_Two_Vehicles.pdf  (PDF • 118 KB) Download CEDSIF_-_Acquisition_of_Generator_for_the_Headquarters_Building.pdf  (PDF • 140 KB) Download ACLF_-_4X4_Vehicle_Insurance_Services.pdf  (PDF • 239 KB)


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