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Onstream is expanding its fleet of car rental light vehicles in Mozambique with the arrival of new cars and buses in Pemba.

Onstream is expanding its fleet to rent.

Onstream Oilfield Services Mozambique, Limitada is a service solutions provider with a solid name and reputation within different sectors in Africa.

Onstream Oilfield Services Mozambique, Limitada strives to provide the safest, most economic, sustainable, and best logistic solution/services in accordance with the clients’ local requirements.

Our Logistic Services in Mozambique are:

  • Vehicle rental – Location in Pemba, Maputo, and other cities
    • 4x4 pickups 
    • 4x4 SUV
    • Buses (9 – 30 places)
  • Dedicated Fleet or Spot Rental Services
  • VIP Transport Services
  • Personnel transport services
  • Heavy equipment rental
  • Refrigerated and cargo transportation

For more information see presentation hereby. 

Contact : Jean Baptiste Taormina; +258 85 219 52 60


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